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Our store is packed with 3K carbon Fiber, Fr4/G10 Sheets. Nuts, bolts & washers. Aluminium anodised threaded spacers

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Fr4 / G10 / 3K Carbon Fiber ( Fibre ) 2x2 twil  Supplies & CNC Cutting / CNC Routing Service - 3D Design & 3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping



cnc-routing-software-mach3 FR4 / G10 / Carbon Fiber ( Fibre ) Supplies & CNC Cutting / Routing Service - 3D Printing & Rapid PrototypingWe are a computer aided design and CNC routing / cutting service. We Stock and supply 3K Carbon Fiber, FR4 / G10 laminates. We also stock small useful ancillaries parts, black steel/black nylon and stainless fixings, aluminium threaded anodised spacers / pillars that will help you to construct your models and project.

We are able to turn your perhaps hand drawn rough sketch in to an accurate CAD file which in turn can be turned in to a 3D render or a 3D printed part.

We can 3D CAD design your parts fast.  For example say you need to mount a pocket camera onto the bottom of a quad copter.  Send us the details of the camera, the mounting point on your craft and let us work our magic for you.  We will design and 3D print in tough ABS plastic a mount for you.

We are based in the UK, Surrey, and we ship worldwide.   Our Web store can be found at

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Our main area of expertise is design and fabrication of parts made from FR4, G10 and 3K 2x2 twill Carbon CNC RouterFiber ( Fibre )(CF) laminates. These can just be flat designs cut outs of FR4, G10 and CF or flat parts that can be assembled with one another to create something like, an air-frame, camera mount, crash protection cage, anti-vibration camera mount, car chassis, or any other panel for your project.

These tough laminates are not able to be laser cut.  Your design will be ground out from a sheet of laminate the edge finish will be very smooth.

The Fr4 / G10 that we use is coloured all the way though so any cut edges will match the sheet colour.

Fr4 / G10 Sheet Laminate Fr4 G10 UK SuppliesWe hold a good stock of BLACK FR4 / G10 in 1.0, 1.6, 2.0, 2.4, 3.0 and 4.0 mm thickness's.  These can be found within our shop in standard sizes of 170 x 300 mm, 300 x 400 mm and 450 x 600mm.

Should you require a sheet of laminate in a size not listed, then please send an Email with your requirements.

We also have a slightly limited stock of 1.6 mm in Red, White and Natural (green/yellowish) which would be cut to order, in the same sizes.

 All of our sheets are sourced locally.

Any large bulk orders will can have made and dispatched in a matter of days. 


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3K Carbon Flat Sheets UK SuppliesWe stock 3K carbon fiber flat sheets 2 x 2 twill pattern.  Its smooth both sides and has a semi gloss/matt finish.  Our carbon comes from Germany and is of a high repeatable quality.  Our sheet size is 1100 x 700mm.  We stock 1.0, 1.6, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0mm

We have a limited stock of MATT 3K carbon fiber (fibre), please call (1, 1.5 and 3mm).

3D Design & 3D Printing

ultimaker 2Our in-house 3D design & printing service allows use to quickly transform your idea into a physical part that you can hold in your hand. We use an FFF printer that is used to rapid prototype projects for one off to small production runs.  We like to print in ABS as its a tough strong material, though harder to print than some other materials, it's worth the effort.  We normally print in black though we also have yellow and red.  It also only take a couple of days to get in another colour that you may like.

The actual process of printing the part is relatively slow a small part may take 1-4 hours to complete.  We have some video that have been filmed in time-lapse if you are interested


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Help Files


Help files and downloadsIf you are looking for any of our videos / help files / support documents either look under the Help menu, or jump over to ourYouTube Channel or read our Blog.

We will also add links to other sources of information that we have found useful, that may also help you. Like ESC flashing



We try and produce a video for each product that we create.  This gives you a clear idea what the product will do for you and how to assemble it if required.

If you like any of our videos please remember to like and share, it this will help other people with similar interests, problems etc.

We try and produce a video for each product that we produce.

We will also be liking to other YouTube channels that we find Helpful


Custom Parts - One Off Designs

If you need something designing, manufactured from either Carbon/Fr4 Sheets or 3D printed  in tough ABS we can help you.  


ZMR / QAV 250 3K Carbon Fiber Arms - Mini Quad Copter Arms

zmr250-3mm-5in-car-arm-1You will find many parts / products deigned in-house that will assist you in the building of your model.

Here we have some tough 3K carbon mini quadcopter arms.  The design has been upgraded to include a wider arm and more material around the motor mount location to provided additional protection to the motor can upon a hard landing.



Flight Control Board Riser Kit

Flight control board riser kit

If you are having a hard time squeezing all of your electronics or FPV equipment into a small space, then this flight control board riser kit can be  simply installed, giving you some more space, and/or better separation distance between your RX receiver and FPV transmitter for example. 

A simple design that could get you out of trouble.

It comprises of either 4no. 10 or 12mm hex female-male spacers, 4no. nylon nuts and 6mm nylon bolts.  The top plate is 1.6mm black FR4, so unlike carbon it does no conduct electricity, so it will not "short out" and it will be block any radio signals, clever really.

Remember:- To Reconfigure & Double Check

Remember safety firstFor Parts related to radio controlled (RC) models when modifying your aircraft / multi-rotor / drone/ mini quad/ plane/ boat / car/ motor bike / model with any additional parts or the relocation of them, it is vital that you re-calibrate you flight controller / RC equipment, check the center of gravity, and fully understand what affect the additional parts/relocation will have on the control ability of your project.

We can't be held responsible for any damaged caused by you failing to check this or not understanding your actions. You should also conduct ground tests before any flights/runs to ensure everything is secure, tight and all flight control systems, radio control equipment are functioning correctly.

If you are using RC equipment always configure the FAIL SAFE and/or RETURN TO HOME and thoroughly understand how it functions.

When working on any model that has propellers, we high recommend that these are removed.  When changing setting on the fight control boards, props have a habit of spinning up to full power when you are not expecting them too.  Please don't become the next person to upload a photo on to FaceBook warning other people and showing them your battle wounds.  Remember it happens in a blink of an eye.


Happy & Safe Flying


Updated 2/5/2016

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